April 7th, 2004


Too young to smoke

I had the last load of washing before Eastercon going round and round in the machine. Collapse )

For contractual reasons, it's fortunate that the washing machine broke down before 4th October 2006, if it was going to do so at all.
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Margery Morgan, 1919(?) - 2004

A babysitter of mine died yesterday. She looked after me and all my brothers very frequently when I was a kid. Wonderful woman. One of those people who somehow never managed to have children of her own, but specialised in looking after other people's, something she was very good at. She'd lived in the same house, a small bungalow not far from St Dunstan's Church in Feltham, since she and her husband came here in the fifties. First the two of them, and then for a long time as a widow, and she only left there to go into care about two years ago. She did very well.
She never talked about her age, but we think she was about 85.
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