April 21st, 2004


Joke book

Greg is packing to move (he's vacating the house from which scarlatti moved a few weeks ago).
In one of the boxes I glimpsed a paperback book, which seemed at first glance to be entitled "Gross Jokes". Naturally I was surprised and pleased that Greg should own such a book. However, on closer inspection, it transpired that the title of the book was "Awesomely Gross Jokes, volume VI". I'm secretly glad that a market exists for a series such as this.

"Awesomely Gross Jokes, volume VI", Zebra books of NY, 1988, ISBN 0-8217-3613-2


A big day today, with wonderful achievement-of-milestones things going on.

This morning, scarlatti and I walked to her place of work.

We walked.
To her place of work.

That's hundreds and hundreds of yards.

When I was here in September, walking from the couch to the truck was really hard work for her.

And now she can walk all the way from her home to her office.

I think she's marvellous. And I got her a purple mood-icon, specially.

(she doesn't start work until the 3rd of May, however)
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