April 22nd, 2004


Notes to self ...

Notes to self:

1. It doesn't matter how good you are at fiddling with the insides of PCs, whenever you take the lid off you're still guaranteed to cut your thumb on some sharp edge inside.

2. It's not possible to wash a potato properly unless and until you remove that plaster from your thumb.

3. If you have a cut in your thumb and you're slicing garlic, you can be sure that you'll get some garlic juice into the cut.

4. If you have a cut in your thumb, it's probably a good idea to ask her to cut up the lemons.

5. If you plan to do cheesy-onion-mashed potato, the likelihood is that she won't have a potato masher.

6. You won't remember that you've cut your thumb until after you've squeezed the lemon onto your fish.

7. If you've done cheesy-onion-mashed potato in a non-non-stick pan, make sure it's her turn to wash up.