April 28th, 2004


"Convers[at]ions 4" now available

"Convers[at]ions 4" is now available for download. Liam's legs, foot rubs, Erika as a schoolgirl, the Cookery Section and other stuff.

There were paper copies in the pub on Monday. There will be paper copies at Plokta.con, and at the Tun, and at Beeblebear's Picnic ... and (if I can find an agent) at Convivial too.


So I have delays, but I also have PocketLJ.

On the way to the client this morning, the delays were due to signalling problems at Orpington.

Now I'm on my way home, there's a broken-down train at Petts Wood and an Incident at Clapham Junction.

Evidently whatever caused the signalling problems at Orpington, whatever caused the train at Petts Wood to break down, it can't have been any sort of Incident because they would have said.

Movie review: LOTR:The Two Towers.

As many of you know, I've not seen the LOTR trilogy of films before, so when the Stepson told me that he'd been given a DVD of The Two Towers and would be playing it tonight, I was interested. So I sat down with my laptop and my dinner and started to watch. Collapse )