May 8th, 2004


Mash-Slash award finalists announced

The final shortlists for the Mash-Slash awards have been announced and the final round of voting is now open.

I'm a finalist in two categories -- "Outstanding Poem/Song" and "Outstanding Other M/M".

But scarlatti (writing as Iolanthe) is nominated in thirteen categories, including four of the "Outstanding Characterisation of <name>" categories and the category of "Outstanding Author".

See, I keep telling her she's a better writer than me. And there isn't even a category for artwork, where she'd blow us all away if she would only sit down and do some.

Go and read her stuff. And read everyone else's, and have a think, and place your vote.
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Domestic matters [kitchen]: In praise and condemnation of the stepson.

I have a day at home catching up with stuff today. I'm doing the kitchen.

The stepson's great, he always does the washing up, all the plates and bowls and cups and glasses and knives and forks and spoons and things.

But he never washes up pots and pans and ladles and whisks and congs and blenders and things.

Guess what I'm washing up today.

(What does Douglas do? I do the shopping and the cooking, that's what. And I provide the house and the gas and the hot water and so on.)

Self-analysis: Stress

I have to do something about this stress.

scarlatti has passed my name to Collapse )

One of the ways to reduce my stress is to find a way for Susan and I to be together. The work I've described above is part of that process. So that was a great help, then.

Perhaps I'll have another go at that page tomorrow.

I have to do something about this stress.
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