June 15th, 2004


New variation of an existing meme.

Okay, so it's a silly idea, but bear with me.

I want you to comment on this post, giving three clues to the identity of someone else, mutual friends to both of us.
That is, someone who is on both your friends list and mine, and who has both of us on their friends list.
There's no need to be anonymous, and so if you want to post this meme yourself it'll still work in a friends-locked post.

Obviously, no naughty revealing of secrets, no sensitive information, nothing that the other person wouldn't want you to say. Just a bit of fun.

I'll try and guess who you were talking about.

The story of tonight's dinner ...

The Stepson has much to be grateful to Europe for.

This evening, I went to the shop and bought some steak. I thought I'd bought a half a pound of steak -- but I'd bought half a kilo, owing to the insistence of the European Union that these things should be measured in metric units.

The stepson is full of smiles. And steak, too.