June 20th, 2004


My car is two years old

My car is two years old -- or it will be by the time I come back from America. Did I mention I was going to America? And today it did its 30,000th mile. Before I bought it, I'd predicted that I'd do about 15,000 miles a year -- I seem to have got that about right.

Oh, and why is it that the little letter from the DVLA which tells me that the road fund license runs out before I get back from foreign parts arrives at the last moment before I go? Guess what I was doing this morning before I set out to Nottingham.

I've arrived ...

... and to prove it, I'm here.
Very bumpy ride -- we had to climb through rough clouds at the start of the flight, it wasn't very pleasant. It was a very full flight -- peteyoung tried to work his magic, but the forward cabins were just as full as we were at the back. Nevertheless, many thanks to him for trying.
So now I'm safely on the ground, safely reconnected to the rest of the world. And probably too busy to be online as much as I might normally be. I'll try to keep you all reasonably up to date with things.
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