July 24th, 2004


Quoting out of context ...

I posted something in a community of which I'm a member earlier tonight.

The first comment was "That would be illegal in the United States", and I posted a reply about how they hope to tighten the law in 2017, but it's likely still to be legal over here even after that.

The second comment was "That's disgusting. I don't even know what to say; I'm just appauled."

Status report, Bender/Picard

As you know, I have a Bender/Picard WIP on the go.

I have a plot.
I have a number of excellent one-liners in the Picard voice.
I have one or two for Bender.
I even have some for other regular members of the two crews.
All I have to do (make it sound easy) is to knit them together into a story.

I don't have a nice neat ending, nor any idea of the shape that it'll be when I get it.

Watch this space.

A clear conscience

On my way to Clapham Junction
(Trains to Croydon leave from there)
Burnt by last weekend's compunction
(ursinehenry, tedward_bear)
I've made sure I'm bringing Henry,
(He missed out at Tobes's do)
Get them both together, then we
Can proceed to party too.
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