August 14th, 2004


Frustration. Heat. Caffeine. Compensation. Mash Slash Challenge Fic.

1. I've had a singularly frustrating and unproductive week with Nagios and MySQL. Return to the fold, text-file-back-end, all is forgiven.

2. It's hot, so I've been drinking more Diet Coke than usual ...

3. ... and therefore I'm even more full of caffeine than I am normally, which results in sleep deprivation and general wiredness.

4. The down from "1" and the up from "3" are trying hard to cancel each other out. In fact, the less welcome results of each are surfacing.

5. I think I'm the first to respond to this week's Friday 5-minute-fic challenge on the Mash-slash list, with a little post-ep piece following "Abyssinia Henry".