September 20th, 2004


A fine piece of work ...

... is detailed here, explaining to some intrusive evangelists exactly where to find the balance between freedom of speech and the necessity to just shut up and stop bothering people. And, usefully, a method of flattening homophobes which doesn't involve extreme violence.

Fortunately this problem doesn't tend to arise on the Tube in London.

d_floorlandmine thanks ingenue_the for the link: I in turn thank d_floorlandmine.
Over 1000 comments (1002 at time of linking) and sure to grow further. Brilliant stuff.
Gas masks, Duct tape

In scarlatti's flat ...

What do the following things have in common:

  • A light box

  • A packet of printer paper

  • Some magazines

  • A calendar with naked women

  • A roll of kitchen towel

  • A blindfold

  • Two packets of breakfast cereal

  • Two packets of Newtons