October 17th, 2004


Great Octocon moments, #5

In a generous attempt to provide ZZ9ers with a plausible excuse to avoid my talk, the committee have timetabled it opposite the media-jumping panel with Dirk Maggs, director and co-producer of the Tertiary Phase.

Great Octocon moments, #6

The panel "The Long, Bright Tea-Time of the Sound", with Roger Gregg and Dirk Maggs, is just starting. I rush in late from my own talk, and put a small heap of stuff on the table at the front: copies of the last three issues of "Mostly Harmless", together with some ZZ9 membership forms.
Dirk picks up a copy of MH94, holds it above his head, and says "There you are -- ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, the Official Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy appreciation society, a truly wonderful bunch of people."
There is a brief pause.
"I never get sent one of these. I rely on Simo telling me if there's anything in here I have to sue someone about."

Great Octocon moments, #7

Cat: "Let me make you up."
Me: "Eh?"
Cat (to Leonia): "Cute vampire goth boy?"
Me: "Pardon?"
Cat: "Let me make you up as a cute vampire goth boy."
Me: "Would that work?"
Cat: "Umm ... It'll have to be a zombie."

There are photos.

Great Octocon moments, #8

There was a panel with jamesb entitled "Mad Machines", describing some of the Young Adults Fun Activities planned for the forthcoming Worldcon.
It had diagrams, and mathematics, and a consultant aeronautical engineer, and a live-action centrifuge.
You can imagine the rest ...