October 18th, 2004


Post-Octocon doings

There's a small crowd of us at the Porterhouse in Temple Bar.
Regrettably, it's around the corner from the Dublin branch of Forbidden Planet, and as a result I'm about €100 poorer than I'd anticipated. Ah well.
Got a Foamy t-shirt amongst the haul.

Because he told me to.

"Say it was the best one ever. and make sure my name's really big"

Just a brief note to say that Michael Carroll's Octocon Is the best one I've ever been to.

That's true as well.

It's fanzine time ...

While I've been busy at Octocon, Bill Burns has been busy uploading issue five of Convers[at]ions. Go and have a read. We have the Truck story, a recapitulation of Cardboard Newman Bingo, a LOC from Geneva, Liam talking about DiscWorldCon Four, and the recipe for Hot Fruity Pork.