November 16th, 2004


Flight prices ...

An economy seat on a flight with BA from LHR to IAD costs $1276 on February 26th and $180 on February 27th.

That's a difference of over a thousand dollars.

Answers on a postcard ...

Photo uploads are now up to date.

I've uploaded the final lot of photos. The full set of recent uploads are as follows:

July 17th: Tobes' birthday party
July 24th: One of Flick's housewarming parties
August 21st: ZZ9 Oxford Slouch
September 4th: ZZ9 Cambridge Slouch
October 2nd: ZZ9 Southend Slouch
October 9th: Max's birthday party (new today)
October 14th: James and Angie's wedding (new today)
October 16th/17th: Octocon (new today)
October 30th: Pepper's hallowe'en party (new today)
November 6th/7th: Novacon (new today)

Help with names in captions where I've noted their omission would be appreciated.

If anyone wants larger (1600x1200) versions of these, then give me a shout.


Internet down, America cut off.

scarlatti has been told by her ISP that they've identified the fault that prevents machines on her LAN connecting to the Internet. The fault lies in a cupboard at the end of her corridor in her apartment block. They say they'll have an engineer sorting it out within three to five days.

Three to five days?