December 2nd, 2004


Sheffield Slouch

Calling all ZZ9ers, and also funloving SF fans in or near Sheffield.

A reminder of the Sheffield Slouch on Saturday -- meet at 1pm. We're going to do the town centre, and then if people are so inclined we're going to hit Meadowhall to squeeze through the crowds and do some Christmas Shopping.

For people coming in from out of town who don't want to leave early, we have organised some crash space a short bus ride away. Be warned, however, that you may find yourselves staying up late to eat snack foods, drink, and talk rubbish. There will be dragons.

It'll be fun.

This must be Thursday ...

... I could never get the hang of Thursdays.

Work, Tun, Bed. I've done the first one, I've sort of half-done the second one, and I'm waaaaay ready for the third.

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    tired Not as sick as I was ...

Before I go to bed ...

Someone described me in a recent post as "mild mannered and wonderfully calming". At least I think she meant me ...

My userinfo page is overdue for a reshuffle, and I'd like to pepper the biography section with a few things that people say about me ... I wonder if people would put suitable descriptions of me down as comments here?

Ta muchly.
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