January 3rd, 2005

Me too

Kissing Meme

Bold for the true ones, italic for comments which weren't in the original meme.

I have kissed someone:

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I may have a couple of errors there -- I'm open to corrections.

Magic Circle Centenary

Rob McKenna is, apparently, not a miserable bastard.

He writes as follows:
The UK's most high profile magic society The Magic Circle is 100 years old in 2005 and if you have followed the info from magicweek.co.uk throughout last year then you will be aware that the society is planning a series of events to commemorate its aniversary during the summer months. I think also I remember reading that they are commisioning with the royal mail a release of commerative postage stamps.

The point is if the Magic Circle has a good PR machine then hopefully the entertainment of magic and illusion should be high profile in the media during the summer. In which case I hope this will mean a resurgance of interest in magic acts on TV during this year and that surely must be able to yeild some interesting illusion snippets through 2005.

I keep my fingers crossed that 2005 could be the best in UK magic entertainment for some time.