February 24th, 2005


Am I working too hard?

I have had a dream ...

This is odd. I never remember my dreams ... and I remembered one I had last night/this morning.

Some background before I start.Collapse )

Now, the dream.Collapse )

scarlatti says "I think it's great. I think it's great that you remembered a dream. I think it's great that it was so bizarre.

I think you're working too hard.

But I really do think it's cool".

The case against knife ownership

Memo to self:

That new knife that you were so pleased with, the one that stays really sharp because you hide it where the Stepson can't mistreat the edge? It really doesn't know the difference between onions and fingers.

In other news, yesterday's bolognaise was particularly tasty ...

Fragment of conversation pre-Redemption.

In a move that surprises no-one, the_magician finds himself with more stuff to transport to Redemption than he could reasonably expect to fit in his car. The plan was that scarlatti and I would drop by sometime late this morning in order to lighten his load.

I took a phone call from him this morning -- the conversation went something like this:
Him: What sort of time is "late morning"?
Me: Well, I haven't started packing yet ...
Him: Well, I have to go and collect cobrabay, that'll take a couple of hours ...
Me: So how does two o'clock sound?
Him: You'll see me at 2pm in the late morning?

So that's the plan.