March 2nd, 2005


What fun <Select> statements are ...

We have a

thing going on in PHP here. We're trying to get the form to remember what the user has chosen when the page is refreshed.

The choices are S (for single) or M (for multiple).

I just heard myself asking Blair to check whether we've managed to make S and M sticky.
haircut, Susan

What I did today

Two news items worthy of note.

This morning, on the way to Boss B's house, my new car did its 40,000th mile. This means I've been doing about 16,500 miles per year, which is about what I would have guessed if I hadn't just done the arithmetic.

This evening, scarlatti and I neatened up the short haircuts we gave each other last night, and then made free and easy with our cameras. One result is this nice new icon I'm using. Ummm, so GIP, I suppose.

There was a convention last weekend -- I'll do some sort of convention report in due course. Also, I'm in the process of drafting some new legislation in my role as one of drplokta's minions. Watch this space.

World Domination: New legislation: Firewalls

As part of his plan for world domination, drplokta has appointed me his minion in charge of firewalls and mail servers.

The First Law of Firewalls:
No software firewall product shall be offered for sale if, once installed on the recomended platform, the firewall remains stupidly easy to hack.
A product shall not claim to be in compliance with this rule if, in order to comply, copious patches have to be applied to the host operating system.
Any company which persists in offering a product in violation of this rule will be subjected to heavy fines and constant state-sponsored public ridicule.