May 16th, 2005


We have a plan.

It's occasionally evident in conversations between scarlatti and me that each of us lacks the necessary cultural background to pick up the frequent references with which we pepper our speech -- we just aren't familiar with the referents.

We've resolved, therefore, to educate each other in our respective cultures -- to which end she's undertaken to show me "Babylon 5", and I've undertaken to show her "Chigley", "Camberwick Green" and "Trumpton".
Percy and Pooch, What did you do?

Leaning on a lamp

Further to that lack-of-cultural-references thing I mentioned just now ...

I was just singing "Leaning on a lamp", from the musical "Me and my girl", and made some reference to the song having been "murdered by George Formby".

And she's never heard of George Formby. Some people are so lucky.