June 6th, 2005



I've seen this from hawkida and ang_grrr.

Poll #507354 Opinions meme

I'd like to hear dougs' opinions on:

Don't expect me to answer particularly promptly ... but there's a reasonable chance that I'll write about at least some of the things suggested. Sooner or later.

Opinions -- First few.

I asked people to ask me for opinions. There was some considerable variety.

replyhazy asks about intelligent design vs. evolution being taught in schools Collapse )

whotheheckami asks about Hubbing and rimming as a solution to Euro currency conversion problems Collapse )

purple_peril asks about transubstantiation Collapse )

sarah asks about if I'll actually pass all my exams this year without dropping down dead. Or demographic ageing, which I need for an exam. Haha. Collapse )

ajshepherd asks about why bdsm? Collapse )

ang_grrr asks about nasal hair Collapse )

unanon asks about spices! Collapse )

sbisson asks about the time BACS transfers take Collapse )

scarlatti asks about corsets Collapse )

Boasting -- Poetry.

Just now, ang_grrr linked to a post which linked to another post which contained one of my poems in the comments.

It's all about scarlatti's opinion of my poetry. I wrote it in response to a bit of Swinburne.

I thought it would benefit from seeing the light of day again.

She'd rather read my clumsy screed
Than Swinburne's measured feet.
Her Shakespeare thrown aside, to own
The works of me, complete.
The Robert Frost is winter lost,
My woods are where she sings,
And Shelley's Wreck can go to heck:
I am her king of kings.

-- Douglas Spencer, January 2004.