June 18th, 2005


What's been going on this weekend

Well, on Thursday, I woke up with the Evil Itching Inflamed Red Eye of Doom (the right eye, not the one in the icon).

I spent most of the day with the eye watering and with me (unwisely) rubbing it. It wasn't good.

I went to Boots in Fleet on Friday, and spoke to the pharmacist. The conversation could have been predicted:
"The front surface of my eye is all inflamed. I don't know why."
"You have non-specific conjunctivitis."

I have a little bottle of drops, which I've been dutifully dripping into the offending orifice at the instructed intervals and it's now much better than it was. I hope that by the end of tomorrow it'll be all cleared up.

Meanwhile, I've spent today attacking the kitchen, which I've not done anything meaningful to since before Easter. It's not a pleasant job. More of the same tomorrow.

Oh, and Doctor Who? I'm in serious danger of becoming a Media Fan because of this. A very good episode today.

One of life's mysteries

There are people on my friends list who understand far more than I about the way the structure of the universe hangs together, far more about the ineffable mysteries of spacetime and the interconectedness of all things.

Why is it that there was one black sock in with my white washing load today?