June 20th, 2005


AKICOLJ: Output buffering in libapache_mod_php4 and IE

There's a call to ob_start at the beginning of the script, and at a certain point in the middle, we have a call to ob_flush. Later, when we're done, there's a call to ob_end_flush.

In Firefox, we (correctly?) get the page thus far, and in the fullness of time the rest of the page appears as the server-side scripts get on with their thing.

In Internet Explorer, we have to wait until the whole page is received before we see anything.

We're using:
 apache 1.3.33-4
 libapache-mod-php4 4.3.10-12
 Firefox 1.0.4
 MISE 6.0.2900

Are we missing something?

Answers of the form "Don't use Internet Explorer" will be regarded as justified-but-unhelpful.
Diet Coke

Stepson being unintentionally amusing.

The Stepson is watching Big Brother, where Anthony says that he can't understand why some men find other men attractive.

I said something about how he must have occasionally had men "coming on" to him. The stepson disagrees. "Not in a town like Newcastle. Collapse )"

So I replied "Ummm ... would you care to rephrase that?"