July 6th, 2005


What I did today

8am: Woke up. Got dressed.

10am: Woke up. Phoned boss. Coughed a lot.

1pm: Woke up. Got dressed. Read LJ. Disappointed in IOC.

4pm: Woke up. Went shopping.

Now I have something to eat. We'll see how I get on.

Desperate Measures

Today I have done a very rare thing. I've decided to skip a couple of nights out.

I've sent the following email:
To: Brian (MEZ), Stuart (Scribe E)
I'm at present really quite unwell, with coughing, muscle pains, headaches and so on. I'm conceding the possibility that I won't be in a position to attend on Friday. Please make plans for that eventuality.
I don't have an email address for David (J). Could you please pass the word on to him too?
Douglas (H)
Also, it's quite likely that I won't be at the Tun.

Now, imagine (for the purposes of this post) that I don't get to the Beeblebears' Picnic. What do I do with the meetings book?
For new readers and non-ZZ9ers: the meetings book goes to all ZZ9 meetings so that people can put funny comments and cartoons into it.

Is anyone definitely going to the Beeblebears' Picnic on Saturday? If I send the book to you, how likely is it to get to you in time for you to take it there? Other helpful comments solicited.