September 21st, 2005


Missing the pub twice in one week

Well, it's daft for me to go to the pub tonight, just as it would have been daft for me to go on Monday. So I'm staying at home again.

Please, those of you who are going to the ZZ9 pubmeeting, make some bad puns on my behalf.

And, if there's a new issue of Fermat, be rude about it.

Hope to see some of you in Norwich on Saturday.

That birth date thing

There's a thing going around which claims to divine your personality from your birth date.

Yeah, right.

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I think they just managed to drag accuracy out of coincidence.

It may be more significant that my birth date coincides with that of the Society of Jesuits, the Stockton/Darlington Railway, the Tonight Show on NBC, the GNU project, and a little organisation from Richard Branson called "Virgin Galactic". Oh, and Cosimo de Medici, Meatloaf, Diane Abbot MP, Avril Lavigne...