December 1st, 2005


Two new icons today

A good crop of online cartoons today.

Dilbert: So, what's it like to be in a bad mood all of the time? Sinfest: Yes! Sure! Whatever! Don't kill me!

In other news, scarlatti's mother is in town. She phoned from her hotel last night, "I'm just getting into a bath ... do you two want to come over and play?" She's having one of those "Lunch in Seattle, Tea in Dulles, luggage in Dallas" adventures at the moment.
haircut, Susan

How to impress one's girlfriend.

This is the last post before I disconnect and pack the laptop, ready to head back to the airport for the flight home. It's a difficult decision knowing what to do last -- get dressed, or turn the laptop off.

Here's a little nugget of conversation, a choice morsel from the last couple of weeks.

S: "Oooh, I like being intimate with you."
D: "I like it when you're intimate with me too."
S: "What about the other way round?"
D: "I like it when you're intimate with me the other way round, too."

This was not, apparently, what she was looking for. I hope I've made amends in other ways. It's been a good visit.