January 17th, 2006


Flavour enhanced

The Stepson has used my breadknife and breadboard to cut his grapefruit in half.

As a resut, my peanut-butter and banana sandwich tastes additionally of grapefruit.

official announcement

The disproportionate number of "database error" and "internal server error" messages from LiveJournal in the last few minutes is a side-effect of the site being overloaded because four million users are all putting "set disable_nudge 1" into the admin console every two seconds, because they've been told that the "disable nudges" code is going to go live sometime in the next few hours.

PSA: "disable_nudges" code has gone live.

A few days ago, LJ made the "nudge" feature live.

A few minutes ago, LJ made the "disable_nudges" opt-out code live.

There's a case that could be made that these two events could have been a bit closer together. Ah well.

Information about this can be found in the FAQ.

READ THIS BIT, IT'S IMPORTANT -- it'll take me too long to opt out for all my other accounts: soft toys, RPG characters, cardboards and so on. I'll be getting to those in due course.
If any of these accounts get nudged, whoever did it will incur my extreme displeasure. I am not fucking about. You know how often I use caps lock and swearing here, so be warned.