April 13th, 2006


Eastercon 2006, post 03

lproven arrived at around 10:15pm last night, about five hours after the_major and myself, and well after the two of us (with Kier's help) finished the curry. He's currently pottering around upstairs and I'm sure he'll be ready in due course. Next step is to drive for a couple of hours up the M1 to find adelheid, and then carry on towards Glasgow. More progress will be reported when some has taken place.

In other news, the_major's PC (which I'm currently using) seems to be able to connect to the wireless network here with no problems at all, whereas mine can't see it at all.

Eastercon 2006, post 04

Well, we arrived at around 18:30, and have booked in at the hotel. That's Liam, Clara, Pepper and myself. All the ZZ9 merchandise was already unloaded by the time we'd run into our acting Merchandise Officer, so we weren't required to do any work there -- that comes tomorrow. Liam and Clara have disappeared in the direction of Bearsden, the rest of us have had fish and chips and a pint of heavie Murphy's, and now that I've set up the model office here in my room, it's time to go to bed. Goodnight everyone, see some of you tomorrow.