April 22nd, 2006


Me in the Liverpool Adelphi?

I can definitely identify seven Eastercons I recall having attended:

1993 in Jersey: "Helicon"
1996 in Heathrow: "Evolution"
2001 in Hinckley: "Paragon"
2003 in Hinckley: "Seacon03"
2004 in Blackpool: "Concourse"
2005 in Hinckley: "Paragon 2"
2006 in Glasgow: "Concussion"

Which leaves me wondering when I was at the Adelphi. 1994? 1997? 1999? Can anyone remember seeing me there? Can anyone remind me of particular highlights in any one year, so I can try and work out which year it might have been? I'm reasonably certain it was only one.
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Twenty-eight conventions.

If my arithmetic is correct, then I've now attended 28 conventions.
It's entirely likely I've made errors and omissions here.

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I've omitted one-day conventions such as Picocon and Dangercon, and commercial media conventions such as the London Film and Comic Con.

Calling all slashers...

This recent episode of Doctor Who has got the fangirls all excited. And so, as a service for my friends list, here's an appeal.

Would anyone like to write either of the following:
  • Ten/Remus (Doctor Who/Harry Potter)
  • Ten/Giles (Doctor Who/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
and post a link to it here? loneraven and bohemiancoast would be grateful.

I'm not doing it until I've finished the Quantum Mechanics/General Relativity I've promised to write, so if someone else wants to have a go...

Edit: and I'm reminded that I owe a Ten/Spike too.