April 23rd, 2006



Remember this? Well, that hasn't amounted to anything yet (although it's still there), but earlier this evening my right ear started itching. A little later, my left ear joined in, followed by a patch on my jawline, about two inches back from my chin on the right-hand side. On studying myself in the mirror just now, I find little red spots dotted around my face, behind my ears and on the back of my neck. Other parts of my anatomy are relatively clear just now, but there's a dark suspicion that I may have a touch of spottyitis, which I'll be very pleased to pass over to the consular staff when I go for my visa interview on Tuesday.

Don't anybody rub their skin against mine for a few days, then.


The spammers have excelled themselves -- seventeen near-identical spams over the course of thirty-one minutes, between 16:19 and 16:49 today.

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Perhaps they hope that after I've binned the first twelve, I might open the thirteenth? Or the fourteenth? Or the fifteenth?

No, I'm just going to sit here and write something to the effect that not only are spammers evil, but this one in particular is astonishingly stupid.

Gervaise and the Simpsons

We're about to get the Gervaise Simpson episode.

Poll #715488 Gervaise and the Simpsons

The Ricky Gervaise episode of the Simpsons will be:

Not terribly good
Really bad
Quite astonishingly bad.

Ricky Gervaise is:

Incapable of writing a funny line
Incapable of delivering a funny line
Incapable of writing or delivering a funny line