May 2nd, 2006


Chat Log

Further to a poll (friends-only) posted elsewhere on my friends list:

dougs: It is not my intention to find myself in a position to gauge whether John Prescott's penis is scary.
scarlatti: I wouldn't mind a look.

Dialogue box

I'm sorting out photos from Eastercon.

My computer just asked me:
06041718-bbbbbbbbbbbbmmbbbbbbbbbbbbs.jpg already exists. Do you want to replace it?

Anyone got any advice about my file-naming strategy?

Eastercon Photos

Can someone please confirm that I've got the name of the person in photo 21 correct, and let me know the name of the person in photo 22? (Edit: 21 is T.E.P. and 22 is banhe.)

Free for use by Concussion committee, Teledu people, and TAFF/LFF administrators. Individual photos free for use by people who appear therein. Larger versions available on request.

(The full unedited set of full-size photos has already been sent to the Concussion Newsletter team.)