May 15th, 2006


I'm suddenly rich.

I have a container into which I drop any 1p, 2p and 5p pieces that I find in my change, whenever I remember.

It was getting a bit full, so this morning I emptied it out and added it up.

There was £33.93 in there.

Now I've been shopping, and come home with sausages and beans and spuds and all sorts of other things. I spent £26.18.

But I'm still nearly eight quid up on the day. Hurrah!
Percy and Pooch, What did you do?

Opened a new LJ scrapbook account

I've created manips_by_dougs, an account to host my photomanipulations.

I'll only be posting manipulations of photos that I've taken myself, manipulations of photos that I've taken specifically with photomanipulation in mind, with the knowledge and participation of the subjects/models. Since some people may find the content disturbing, pictures will only be visible to you if you ask to be added to the access list. There's an entry where you can comment to apply for access to the pictures, and an entry where you can comment to offer to model.

A phone call from Susan!

scarlatti's now got a phone in her room -- room 534a in Sibley Hospital -- and a short while ago, she used it.

She tells me that she's getting a little bit more hydrated. She tells me that she's finding that stuff she's eating stays inside for a little longer than it was doing a few days ago. But she says that they still haven't worked out just what's going on with her digestion, and why it's not behaving properly. She's very grateful for all the kind comments that people have been leaving, and she instructs me to say "hi" to everybody on her behalf.

More news when I have it.