May 27th, 2006


<plokta.con> π today

Today I will be going to <plokta.con> π.

Being an organised, forward-thinking sort of fellow, I went to a popular search engine website, in order to find a map of where the event is to take place. Realising that there's an "on the roof" programme stream, I asked the browser to show me the satellite view of the area.

This is what it gave me.

Location map

On reflection, perhaps it's for the best.

The TFL Journey Planner tells me I can walk from London Waterloo to the venue in 24 minutes, but it warns me that engineering works are taking place. Perhaps I'll find that I have to use some sort of leg replacement service?

See some of you there.


After two passengers assaulted the guard on my train, it (and, therefore, any trains queueing behind it) is delayed at Staines until the police attend.