June 1st, 2006


Happy Birthday today...

... to my mother.

Agricultural botanist
Laboratory technician
Driving instructor
TEFL/TESL/AdultLit teacher
Charity volunteer
Local Authority "Leaving Care Team" worker
Bridge between Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and Reformed traditions
Gay rights activist
Breast feeding advocate
Natural parent, foster parent, adoptive parent
Generally all-round totally cool type of person.

And inevitably a whole load of other things I've omitted to mention. Oh, and 68 69 (oops) years old today. Well done.

She's not on LJ.

Today I are mostly ...

Instructing an insurance broker in the gentle art of Linux system administration.

He's already a Notes/Domino administrator, and reasonably good at Windows sysadmin-type stuff.

He's doing very well, and I'm enjoying the process thoroughly. But he will insist on sloping off for ten minutes of tobacco-worship every couple of hours, which is why I'm on LJ at the moment.