June 10th, 2006


Susan in Sibley

scarlatti is back in hospital.

Her mother writes as follows:

Susan was admitted to Sibley Hospital late Friday afternoon. She is in room 522. More news later.

That's the whole mail in its entirety, unusually short for this correspondent. It was sent at 20:20 pm Susan's local time (01:20 UK time). I don't know if she was sending from the hospital or the apartment.

I have a bug: is it reproducible elsewhere?

Seemingly owing to poor browser support for Windows Mobile 5, I'm unable to post comments from the handset.

I can read LJ, create new top-level posts, navigate round the site with no problem ... but when I try to comment to a post, or reply to a comment, the "post comment" button is missing from the page.

I've reported it to support:
But I then discovered that someone else has the same issue and reported it back in March:

This only applies when I'm using the handset, and not when I'm using a regular browser from a desktop PC.

The symptoms are the same
  • on S1 and S2 journals
  • whether or not I have JavaScript quick-reply disabled
  • whether I'm using the user's own comment-page style or the site default
  • whether I'm on LJ, GJ or DJ.

  • Can anyone else who browses from a handheld device let me know if they have the same problem, and which OS/version/browser your handheld uses?

    A day out

    I'm off out now, for a day in London followed by an evening in Leytonstone. As a result I'll only be online via the handset until tomorrow.


    Susan's mother writes:

    Good news, of a sort, Susan was not neutropenic, didn't require transfusion or isolation. The blood results were not in when I left the hospital last night, which is why my message was guarded. She got IV fluids during the night and is feeling better this morning. Yesterday, the doctor mentioned a feeding tube because of her huge, rapid weight loss(she has lost twenty or more pounds in the couple of weeks she was home from the hospital), and her inablity to take in nutrition or fluids on her own. If this is done, it will be temporary.
    Please thank everyone for expressions of caring and concern. It means so much to both of us.