June 12th, 2006

haircut, Susan

Email from Susan's mother

An email from scarlatti's mother:

My beautiful daughter is a lesson in courage and strength. Everyone, including some of the more perceptive doctors, have discovered her humor, wit, intelligence and the depth of her character. She is very sick and wants so badly to be well again, We are all doing our best to make sure that she gets medical care to make her quality of life the best.
The techs said that the leg did not look like a clot, but I will find out from the doctor this morning.
Susan could use all the *cheering her on* she can get right now.

The Footie

I drew Ghana in ang_grrr's sweepstake. Their first match is against Italy, and it starts in a few minutes.

I'm going to attempt to watch this match all the way through, something I've not done with a football match before.

Italy's "Haddock Number" is 99, Ghana's is 116. It may be a struggle.

The Footie, redux

So I watched a football match, in full, for the first time. This was the Italy/Ghana match, which ang_grrr describes using phrases like "what a game to start with!"

It was an interesting exercise. I can't say that I became excited at any point, but on the other hand I didn't find it dull. I was watching this match because it's the first one involving one of my sweepstake teams that I've actually been free for. The next one I'll be able to watch is the second outing for Trinidad and Tobago, which is this Thursday afternoon.

One of the factors in my cool reaction to this match may have been that the Stepson didn't have a particularly keen interest in whether or not Italy won. I understand that he has a rather stronger view about the team that TnT will be playing on Thursday, so that might lend the game a bit of an edge. We'll see.