June 16th, 2006


Funeral on Tuesday in Iowa

scarlatti's mother writes as follows:

Douglas, thank you-
I have lots to share with you about Susan's beautiful passing.
We are here, at her apartment, planning the funeral. Her body is being flown to Belmond, Iowa where she will be buried in her father's family plot. Her site will be next to her fraternal grandparents, under an oak tree, looking out towards the family homestead. She was their only granddaughter, and had her grandmother's red hair. The funeral will be in the church she was baptised in 39 years ago. The flowers will be lavender and so will her clothes. She will wear a small pin with two crossed flags--one British and one American.
We will be leaving for Iowa on Sunday morning, the funeral will be on Tuesday, June 20th at 2 or 3 p.m.
I will be back at the apartment on Wednesday and Sam (her brother) and I will be clearing it out. If there is anything you need or something of hers you would like to keep,please let me know.
I really loved her.
Dougal McSporran


A number of people have asked whether there's an appropriate charity to whom donations might be made in memory of Susan.

I haven't yet checked with her family -- I shall do so tonight, by email -- but I might suggest that any charity local to you which is involved in cancer research, cancer treatment or palliative care would be pleased to receive donations in her memory. Cancer Research UK (formerly The Imperial Cancer Research Fund and The Cancer Research Campaign), Marie Curie Cancer Care and the Macmillan Nurses are all organisation worth googling for in the UK. Similar organisations exist in the USA and Canada. Any one of a number of local hospices, and a couple of hospice umbrella organisations, would be pleased to have your money. One of the people asking is deeply involved in the hospice movement, and I admire her for the work she does: she'll have colleagues working in places local to you who would value your support.
If you're a taxpayer, there may be techniques provided by your government to ensure that your donation reaches its target accompanied by any tax which you might otherwise have had to pay: in the UK, google for "gift aid", or fill out the appropriate sections of the screen if you're donating online. Similar techniques will exist in other jurisdictions.
If these issues don't enthuse you, there will be others which do. Contribute time, energy and money to causes which you feel are going to help you to honour Susan's memory. Wherever you choose to give it, whatever you choose to give will be gratefully received and faithfully applied.

Donations and Memorials

Susan's mother writes:

I am planning a special memorial for Susan in Port Angeles. It will be a bench in a beautiful spot along the Discovery Trail, close to the water, looking over to Victoria, Canada. I would be so happy to have donations sent for that purpose. Anyone who visits the Olympic Peninsula could stop there and reflect, and would be so welcome in our home. Our address is:
Nancy Chambers
1216 South Golf Course Road, Port Angeles, Washington 98362.
We will have the dedication for *Susan's bench* later in the summer.