June 26th, 2006


Too late to be topical

I'd told some of you that I was working on a new poem, on the subject of a recent knee injury for a member of the England football team. I was trying to end every line with two unstressed syllables.

I've completed it now.

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Good day today.

Today I went to a client expecting only to get a half-day's money out of them. Nothing too arcane, just configuring SSL for IIS and then sorting out Outlook Web Access. But then there was a bit of "while you're here can you look at this..." going on and it turned into a whole day: hunting down and killing spyware, installing a couple of printers, advising on the pros and cons of MS Terminal Services and so on. Looks like there might be some more work in the offing later, converting a database from Excel to Access.

Tomorrow I'm going to muck around with Linux on a Macintosh, hoping to achieve some sort of balance. It won't be chargeable, though.

Shameless begging

Next weekend? What's going on?

It looks like I might be in Sheffield on Friday night, and overnight.

It looks like I might be in Coventry on Sunday afternoon.

It doesn't make all that much sense to go all the way home on Saturday afternoon and then head out again on Sunday -- it would make more sense to find something to do somewhere along the M1 corridor between these two events.

So now's your chance to bid for my company on Saturday night. What's going on? And could any of it reasonably be described as taking place approximately between Sheffield and Coventry?