July 5th, 2006



We have our thunder, at last. We've been waiting long enough.

Golly, quite a lot of thunder. But still no rain. Hmph.

I can't complain in person, the Met Office has moved to Exeter now.

Edit (7:06): Rain.
Edit2 (7:12): Rain stopped.

Lemon Posset

That lemon posset that I made yesterday? I'm eating it now. It's excellent, just set, but not too firm, when you remove a spoonful the rest retains its shape.

But it's very lemony. Very very lemony. I might adjust the proportions a little bit when I make the next one.
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Alright, Always alright, Tenth Doctor

A question about Doctor Who tie-in novels.

For the Ninth Doctor, last year, there were six tie-in novels. They came out in hardback. Most of them were not bad; a couple were good. Three were published early in the season's TV run, three were published a little later but before the season finale.

For the Tenth Doctor, this year, there have been three tie-in novels. They were published early in the season's TV run. I'm assuming that another three are on their way -- am I deluding myself?


In other news, the BBC3 continuity announcer has just introduced "Age of Steel", the second half of tonight's double-bill repeat from earlier this season, as "Carry on up the Cyber".