July 19th, 2006


NTL Woes...

Just occasionally, the NTL transparent proxy farm falls over.

This means that access to the web from home stops working.
I can still access the Internet -- just not the web.

Servers on NTL's client-side network intervene in any web access and proxy it, as a way of feeding information to government spies managing the quantity of traffic on the network, and at the moment the machines which do this seem to have died.

I can still connect to machines elsewhere on the Internet, so long as I'm not doing so using the protocols that are used to fetch web pages. So I've logged in remotely to the server farm that we maintain for the AVDAR service, and I'm browsing the web from there.

If anyone from NTL is reading this -- can you please reboot your transparent proxies? Or, even better, turn them off and just route traffic straight through, like you do for protocols like SSH? Thank you, that would be very helpful.

That hearing test thing

Until I set up my off-site proxy, I couldn't hear any of them because the server from which I was browsing was in a machine room fifty miles away.

Now I'm browsing locally using an out-of-ISP proxy, and I can download the samples. I'd speculated, earlier in the pub, that I'd be in the 14KHz range, but Collapse )