August 15th, 2006


A sense of proportion.

Taking two adjacent sentences out of context from Convoy's annoucement about hotel security which was published three or four hours ago:

[The story about thefts from hotel rooms at the Adelphi] "has caused a few members of fandom to get into a tizzy about the security position at the Adelphi. Some people have suggested we are not taking security seriously".

Ah, I'm in "a tizzy". I'm glad that you're taking my concerns so seriously. A less fortunate choice of word might have left me offended in some way.

I encourage readers to click the link and read the full announcement, since two and a half weeks ago I'd criticised the committee for not making any sort of annoucement at all in the week since the story had broken.

In other news, and to justify the "sense of proportion" subject line on this post, here's a question for those of a mathematical bent.

Collapse )

People are invited to provide a clear mathematical argument for their answer to the above poll in a comment.
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