August 19th, 2006


Weekend activities.

Firstly, happy birthdays to wandra and bugshaw, today and tomorrow respectively. Clearly the trendy thing to do this weekend is to have been born in a year that ends in a zero.

Secondly, how is it that the only way to get from Bracknell to Beaconsfield by train is to go into London and out again? That really isn't very convenient, is it. And because I'm asking this question alert readers will work out that I still don't have my car back yet.

Thirdly, I've just caught myself writing Big Brother/Mr Benn and Big Brother/The Flumps crossover fanfic. That's really not a good idea.

A postcard from Taff Bug!

I've been grousing this morning about the fact that they haven't yet sorted out my car. I've been grousing for a couple of days about the cricket. And for a month or so I've had an ongoing grouse about a current situation in SF fandom that some of you may have spotted.

But this morning I got a postcard from taffbug, and it made me feel very much better.

I assume that she's writing them in order, reading down the list of TAFF supporters. I assume that the number written on the postcard is representative of my position on that list. I assume that everyone has a different number, and that the number I've got is pure coincidence and nothing more. But I'm absurdly pleased that I've ended up with number 42.

Oh, and the picture on the front is good, and the words on the back are better. Thank you taffbug, and happy birthday.

Support TAFF and GUFF. Support LFF and JETS. Support DUFF, or CUFF, or whichever other fan funds make sense for your local fandom community. It's a good way of promoting links between groups of fans in disparate locations, and it's a good excuse for doing foolish things at conventions and betweentimes.