August 23rd, 2006


Less ept than usual


Three times today, I've poured coffee from the jug into the mug, and each time a bit of it has sloshed over the edge and down the side of the mug. I wonder if my body is trying to tell me something.

In other news, today I'm working with a server which has a disk which is failing. It goes like this:
  1. Reboot
  2. Give disk 1 a flick of the wrist while it's powering up so that it starts spinning
  3. Wait for OS to boot (from disk 0, fortunately)
  4. Check that disk 1 is responding
  5. rsync a bit more stuff from disk 1 to disk 2
  6. Watch until disk 1 goes offline
  7. Repeat from step 1.
In due course it'll all be copied and I can change a couple of mount points and we'll be up and running again. But meanwhile...

*reboots server*

*spills coffee*
Dougal McSporran

Ah, Octocon. Now there's a thing.

I'm confused. And I need some help from my friends on LJ.

See, I don't know whether or not to go to Octocon. So what I need is for some of you to leap in with comments trying to persuade me to go, and some of you to leap in with comments telling me not to bother. And then I can reasonably justify being as confused as I am.