August 26th, 2006


Calendar too full?

I've just emailed Stuart, who is Scribe E of a chapter I'm in and treasurer of my mother Lodge.

I've given him apologies for absence for meetings on September 15th, September 20th, October 13th and November 10th. I'm busy elsewhere on all of these occasions. Oops!

However, I will be able to go to two meetings in December, on the 8th and 13th. Phew. If any Brother wishes to accompany me to London on December 8th for our Christmas Lodge meeting, or if any Companion wishes to accompany me to Henley-on-Thames on December 13th for a joint Christmas meeting of the two resident chapters there, they should contact me through the usual channels.

The Tattoo

Yes, I'm watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on BBC1 at the moment. It's been too long since I've been to see it in real life: there isn't really anything that beats sitting on a little hard steel bench, in the open air, under torrential rain, being blasted with a wall of sound from half a thousand pipers, barely forty feet away ... unless it's sitting on a little plastic chair, alongside the wheelchair users and other attendants, in the open air, under a stream of steady dribbles of rainwater from the stand above you, and being blasted with a wall of sound from half a thousand pipers, the nearest of whom is immediately in front of you, eighteen inches away.

I miss it. Looks like they have a dry night on the telly.
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