September 5th, 2006


Five years

There are a couple of polls on my friends list this morning: where are you? where would you rather be? what are you doing? what would you rather be doing? You know the sort of thing.

I've answered, saying "anywhere else", "anything else". But today I think I'd be answering the same wherever I was, whatever I was doing.

Thanks to the couple of people who've nudged me today to offer an ear. It's appreciated. It's just that I'd rather be doing something else.

I wish I knew what.

I hate doing admin.

I hate doing admin. Drawing up invoices is no fun at all. I'd much rather be mucking around with computers.

But I received a payment from a client the other day, and when I went to mark the invoice as paid in the system I realised that it left me with no unpaid invoices still waiting.

So today I have put together invoices for £2076.50.