October 3rd, 2006


A jolly good day yesterday.

Yesterday I toddled down to Chippenham and had lunch with purple_peril. She turned up about four minutes late and carrying shopping bags containing a number of new shoes which in anyone else might be considered startling but in her case showed admirable restraint.

Lunch was excellent. Ham and Eggs, Full English. Not particularly healthy, and calculated to do unfortunate things to vital structures such as arteries, but excellent nonetheless.
    P: Are you a pudding person?
    D: I think that perhaps I am.
    P: Waiter, what do you have for pudding?
    W: I shall check.
    [...] Sticky toffee pudding with custard, or bread and butter pudding with custard.
    D: Ah, I think you're on to a winner there.
    P: One of each?
    D: Swap ends at half-time?
    W: *rolls eyes* *sighs*
There was lots of conversation. Some of it about shoes, inevitably; some about folk music, singing, and being out of practice; some about dating techniques, and managing unrealistic expectations when in pursuit of potential partners; some about work, finances, accountants and the like.

It was very pleasant, and an exercise worth repeating should the occasion arise.

Afterwards I drove down to Dorking to attend to a spam filter that had died during a power cut.
    Linux: /var is b0rked, and I need human help fixing it.
    D: Well, go ahead.
    L: Shall I reconnect this inode?
    D: Dur. Yes!
    L: What about this one?
    D: Of course.
    L: I seem to have miscounted my free space.
    D: Fix it, you fool.
    L: Goodness me, /var seems to be okay.
    D: *reboots*
That was a rather less entertaining conversation.

Return of an old friend.

In news which contrasts with my previous post, Bovril with beef in it seems to have returned -- the ingredients now list 43% beef stock, as compared to 40% before proper Bovril was superseded by poor-man's-marmite-with-Bovril-on-the-label.

Haven't tasted it yet.

Unilever's website has now been re-done, and their contact page now says:
    Your enquiry or request will be forwarded to an appropriate person within the Unilever Group who may be based in a country without data protection laws.
I won't, therefore, be congratulating them on their reversal of their previous astonishingly stupid decision.


I believe in rights. I'm at a little bit of a loss for any criteria which would give one group of people rights which differ from the rights other people have, by virtue of their membership of that group. If you agree with this sentiment, repost this exact paragraph in your journal if you feel like it, but feel free to treat with contempt anyone who seeks to infer anything about your point of view should you refrain from doing so.

I'm open to suggestions for improving the wording of the above.