November 2nd, 2006


Today I are mostly be...

It's one of those "We're not sure our backups are quite working correctly, can you please have a look ... and by the way there's this particular file we'd really like to have recovered" days. So I'm cataloging tapes, and seeing if there's a valid backup on any of them that are more recent than the one from August 29th.

Today I are mostly be watchin' progress bars, and listenin' to tape drives whirrin'.

Three emails.

    From: DougS
    To: Carol
    Subject: Invoice for 26th.

    Carol, here's the invoice for last Thursday.
    From: DougS
    To: Carol
    Subject: Re: Invoice for 26th.
    Attachment: 20061026.pdf

    About ten minutes ago, I wrote:

    > Carol, here's the invoice for last Thursday.

    However as you can tell I'm not on the ball today, and I failed to include the invoice. Here's another attempt.
    From: Carol
    To: DougS
    Subject: RE: Invoice for 26th.

    I did notice - I was giving you until I had finished my lunch to see if you noticed.

At the Tun

I've been at the Tun.
Whilst the journalists and camera team from BBC4 were unexpected, they weren't completely astonishing. The discussions about the Future Of Eastercon were widely predicted, so no surprises there.

No, the surprising thing was the quantity of matchmakers in attendance, all of whom were suggesting various good reasons why I should set off in hot pursuit of Person A. Regrettably, no-one seemed to be able to present any compelling reason why Person A should be in hot pursuit of me, so the whole project seems doomed to collapse for lack of any symmetry in the arrangement.