December 4th, 2006


The End of the Year Meme

The first sentence of the first entry of each month from this year, an idea lifted from nwhyte:

January: Last night, I went to see frandowdsofa and johannes_d in Sheffield, in the company of Julia, Guinness and Christine, a further John, arborophile and Peter.

February: Boss B and I have been talking.

March: LOI tonight.

April: I have birthday wishes today, for someone who regularly sleeps with me -- who slept with me last night, in fact.

May: <link> Paul Daniels writes:

June: ... to my mother.

July: <graph> Junk e-mail in 2004, 2005 and 2006 charting messages per week

August: I need a beta.

September: As previously noted, I've documented my customer service experience in posters affixed to the windows of my loan car.

October: <graph> Junk e-mail in 2004, 2005 and 2006 charting messages per week

November: Note to self: emailing someone to say "it's fixed, you can log in now" is less than fully effective.

December: There's a perception that Advent starts on December 1st, probably because all the commercially-available Advent calendars start today.

Managing stress levels

Some of you read this journal to follow my adventures in local politics.

I've sent an email to the constituency association chairman telling him that Collapse )

Reducing Stress 101, a reading course from an LJ near you.
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