December 10th, 2006


This is the more that was promised later

After going round the V+A with watervole this afternoon (including lunch in their excellent cafe for root vegetable soup followed by lentil-and-mushroom pie), this evening involved a trip to Croydon for d_floorlandmine's birthday thing (including all sorts of good things created by his small team of kitchen goddesses, things such as cheese and chicken and olives and more cheese ... and, erm, rather a lot of cider). He had lots of interesting and entertaining guests.

Left there, walked a few yards to the bus stop, and a bus turned up practically instantly; got to the station and got on a train practically instantly; got to Clapham Junction and discovered total chaos on my usual platform and a half-hour wait for my train. Still, home (just) before midnight.

[timekeeping] Oops...

I woke up, didn't look at the time, and started reading LJ.

I just spotted the time against a comment I posted, and I realise that Church started a quarter of an hour ago.