December 29th, 2006


A tale of three idiots

A client of mine is moving offices, a distance of about two hundred yards. As well as new offices it involves new furniture, a new machine room, a new ISP with new IP addresses...

I got home about half an hour ago, having left here at about 9am this morning.

The new desks Collapse )

This arrangement is sub-optimal.

Meanwhile, in the new server room, Collapse )

This arrangement is also sub-optimal.

In other news, the firewall Collapse )

Needless to say, this arrangment is sub-optimal too.

Alert readers will remember that I'm doing my best to minimise my stress levels at the moment. I'll post updates about that process in due course.

That office move...

The office move is completed, the client is happy.

Excepting the desks, the cabinet door, and the firewall. Everything else has gone very well.

I'm very tired and my muscles are aching. But all their servers are working well, they have Internet access (through a substitute firewall), they have incoming and outgoing email and the London and Paris offices can communicate with each other once more.

Oh, and I have a new electric screwdriver which is hand-gun shaped and comes with a holster. It's therefore likely to be used as a humorous prop at some point.

BBC4: "My Science Fiction Life"

I'm really glad I didn't commend this programme to your attention before the broadcast started. Had I done so, I would now look like a bit of a fool. Quiet at the back there. Now that you've missed it, I'm very pleased to offer you all my warmest congratulations.

Now I want my hour back, please.