February 5th, 2007


Worldcon Membership for sale

It looks like I have a Worldcon membership unexpectedly for sale. Give me a shout if you want to buy it -- I haven't looked at what the market for second-hand memberships looks like at the moment, and I haven't looked at the mechanics of transferring it, but it's available if you make me an offer.
LC-Christmas Day, Holy family

Great Uncle

Well, yes, I always knew I was a great uncle. But now it seems that I'm also a great-uncle, as of about 7am today. My new great-nephew is called kristofa, for reasons that haven't been made clear to me.

Erm. Hurrah, or something.

Chili Chicken and Mushroom Soup.

Tonight's recipe...

Open fridge. Look in.

Think a bit.

Take the remains of yesterday's roast chicken, a crate of mushrooms, an onion, about four cloves of garlic, a bit of ginger root, a red chili and a quarter-pint of thick double cream out of the fridge and sit them on the counter.

Cut the chicken and mushrooms into small bits, cut the onion/garlic/ginger/chili into really small bits.

Get a big pot. Put some olive oil in it and stir-fry everything except the chicken and cream for a bit. Throw the chicken in too, and agitate it a bit. Pour in the cream. Stir it. Turn the heat down a bit.

Think a bit. Sniff it. Think a bit more.

Pour in a bit of soy sauce and a bit of maple syrup.

Stir it again. Decant it into a bowl. Turn the heat off. Go and sit in front of the telly. Eat the soup.

Watch the end of Top Gear.

Go back into the kitchen. Sigh. Close the fridge.

Postpone the washing-up until tomorrow.