February 28th, 2007


Birthday plans

Yes, it's stupidly far in advance. Yes, it's a stupidly long poll. I have no defence.

At the tail-end of September I reach a fannishly significant age, and I'm intending to mark the occasion with a suitably disreputable party.
However since I'm not a great decision-maker, I'm seeking the advice of the readership.

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A tale of two failures

Firstly, I seem to have failed to go to the pub tonight. I was going to go to the BSFA meeting, where there was going to be talk about the shortlists for the BSFA and Clarke awards, but I didn't get home until about six and it was a bit late so I didn't go. I hope to do better getting to the Tun tomorrow.

Secondly, the UPS in my server room here at home seems to have died. It's quite old. I wonder if that's why my 2003 server has been falling over so often? I suppose I'll have to go and get another one at some point.